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The House 2

About The House 2 Game

Legend says that a small haunted house is located near the small town where not so many people live. In that house no one lives for years. People say that once there lived a family with children. The story is that one day all of them commit a suicide. After that, people were scared. Fearing that curse might come to their house. So they all closed their homes and moved to another place. It is said that at night they can hear a woman screaming. No one dares to get close to this small haunted house. Can you, are you dare to enter and discover the mystery that lies in this dark and creepy house?

The House 2 Letters
The House 2 Letters

Rules Of The Game

The House 2 is the sequel. To this popular horror and gruesome game. The House 2 is a point-click game. In which each command you make using your computer mouse. Your task is to explore the mystery that lies in this house. People are saying that the house is haunted. Filled with demons and ghosts of the family that once lived here. You need to find out what is actually hiding there and to find out whose screams that can be heard at night.

This horror game is very scary and every room in this house hides a dark secret. Be careful, because you know that you will not be alone in this house if you dare to enter. Everything you find in the rooms, check and read. Because you have to collect all the clues that will be necessary to find out the whole story. Which is hidden in this haunted house. You need to explore: The Dining room, The Bathroom, The Kitchen, The Living room, The Corridor. While in the house because every room have something to give you in order for you to put the parts together. And get a hole picture of this story but be careful!


The House 2  Bloody Room
The House 2 Bloody Room

Final words For The House 2 Game

This unblocked horror point-click game will make you to remember it! Get ready for some scary stuff that you didn’t even see in horror movies! If you’re a fan of scary and creepy games then this flash horror game is the right choice for you! But I warn you that if your blood freeze. You may stain your underwear because this game is one of the scariest games on the net!  If you think you have what it takes and if you really dare to enter this haunted this house, let God help you and good luck!

The House 2 Dead Girl
The House 2 Dead Girl