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Freddy Nightmare Run

About Freddy Nightmare Run Game

Freddy Nightmare Run is a fan made game. Original idea behind this game comes from the Five Nights at Freddy’s horror game. In this game you have 5 levels and each next level will bi scarier
and harder than previous one so you will need to give your best in order to beat this horror-action game! You are playing a role of a little boy named Freddy who loves to play video games. In which he is killing the Grim Reaper or the death itself. One night he is falling asleep and in his dream death is the one who is chasing him now. You need to run from the death that will chase you with sharp blade in order to kill you! You are in the dark castle that is full of traps. Obstacles and all kind of evil creatures looking for you. You need to run and to escape, alive!

Freddy Game Over
Freddy playing his favorite horror game and his mom telling him that is time to go to bed

How To Play Freddy Nightmare Run

In this unblocked horror game you need to run from the Death itself that will chase all the time. Your task is to run from the death and to avoid all kind of obstacles that will be on your way. You need to jump over them or to avoid them. Like skeletons that will come from the right side of your screen, jump over them and over barrel and statues. Also you will need to jump over holes that will be in your way. Freddy have 3 live so you can make only three mistakes and you are out so play careful, be fast and don’t stop running! Use spacebar to attack and arrow keys to slide and to jump to avoid the attack. You can collect coins that will be on the random places and on platforms. There will also be a lot of traps that looks like they came from the horror movie. You need to avoid them like axe that can cut your head.

Freddy controls
Freddy controls in the game menu

Conclusion for Freddy Nightmare Run
If you like horror games, adrenaline, and dark maps like horror castles. Then this Freddy’s Nightmare Run is just the game for you which you can play at any time. From any place because this is unblocked game! Run from the Grim Reaper, avoid skeletons and other creatures that will chase you and jump over all kind of deadly traps that will be on your way. Prove that you can cheat death itself and come to the finish alive. In this horror game you need to beat 5 deadly levels in order to win! Good luck!

Freddy runs from nightmare game
Freddy runs from nightmare and ghosts while avoiding the traps game