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The Grudge

3.5/5 - (2 votes)

About The Grudge Game And The Movie

You watched Japanese movie The Grudge. Scary horror movie made in 2002. If you didn’t watch this creepy movie you watched The Ring which is quite like this movie. Only Japanese can make this kind of horror movies. It will make your blood freeze from fear and now you can play The Grudge horror game right here. Experience this movie in a game that is full of fear, terror and some scary creatures that will try to kill you. The game starts by you getting a letter. It is telling you that you’re accepted in the care center volunteer program. Your task is to take care of a list on which are things that you need to do in house. That is far from civilization and that is looking really creepy. The Grudge is survival horror game in which you need to solve the mystery and to get rid of the curse that is now on you. You need to survive and to find clues that will be around the house while being watched. And followed by creepy girl and boy.

Cursed house and dark rooms
(Dark house with rooms around you and steers leading towards the attic)

How To Play Grudge Game

The Grudge is point-click online horror game that you are playing using your mouse. You will find yourself in dark scary house and around you will be a lot of rooms that you need to explore. To do everything from the list that you will get on the beginning of the game. You need to complete everything from that list and to stay alive. Some rooms will be more challenging than other like attic for example. There is the nest of this creatures and ghosts that will try to kill you. Kayako that is main ghosts in this unblocked horror game will show. Which means that each time you play this game, he will come out from different places. Meaning that you will also need a good amount of luck too.

Prepare yourself because this game have scary effects that will surprise you! Clicking on the objects is very important to discover the truth behind this cursed house. And to complete your list. The list is simple. Call when you get home, pick up mom’s pills from the bathroom. Take food for mom from the refrigerator but doing all those things from the list will not be so easy. This game is hard, it is challenging so expect that you will play it couple of times. Before you manage to beat it and finish it.

Type your name on the beginning of the game and the action will start. The plot behind this game is same as in the movie itself. When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage, a curse is born and your task will be to get rid of this curse.

list of tasks that you need to complete

(List of your tasks that you need to complete in order to win the game)

Final Words For The Grudge Game

Like the movie itself, this point-click survival horror game brings a lot of scary moments. Well done effects that will scare you a lot during the game. You can feel the darkness around you. Something evil something that will make your blood boils. If you are a true fan of horror movies than you need to play this horror game. It will provide you with real atmosphere and feeling of being in a cursed house. This game is not for everyone. Especially not for those who can’t stand fear and terror. This online flash horror game have everything that one good horror game needs!

Test how brave you are, show that you are not afraid by completing everything from the list. Explore each room in this dark creepy house. Survive the jump-scares and attacks that will happen in random moments. Reach the end of this horror game. What is best effect about this game is that while playing, you will have that sense that you are watched. And fallowed by something that is not from this world. Mixed with creepy sounds and voices in the background. Playing this game will not be so pleasant but that is exactly how one horror game should be. Good luck surviving this The Grudge game.

scary girl from the game
(Girl showing up and scaring you in the moment when you don’t expect)


Use mouse to move and interact with the objects and items around you.