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Ask The Spirits 2 – Don’t Mess With The Dead

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About The Ask The Spirits 2 – Don’t Mess With The Dead Game

You all know that dark scary game by the name Ouija board, in this horror game that is exactly your task, to find the way to talk with the dead! You get a board on the cemetery from the person that is unknown and you need to find what that board do and to find answers from this spooky board. Keep on mind that this bloody horror game is not just for anybody, if you are easily scared than leave this game. If you have what it needs to beat this horror game than try!

Cemetery place with spirit board
Ask The spirits 2 cemetery place where the spirit board are

How to Play Ask The Spirits 2 – Don’t Mess With The Dead

The spirit board you are using in order to talk with the dead. You can ask the spirits all kind of questions but you need to be careful not to upset them. In order to start this unblocked horror game you need to insert your name and the date of your birth. After that you can type in the box below anything you want to ask the spirits. This horror game is played by mouse only and use keyboard to type the question.

You can also watch a horror movie with this spirit board in it where people and even kids trying to talk with the dead or with the spirits. In order for board to work they need around two or more people and in order to play that board they need to ask the question and then to put their hands on the command which will show them the answer letter by letter. It’s really spooky movie and this game is the same.

Spirit board for comunication with spirits
Ask the spirits 2 board game. Llike in a horror movie with a spirit board “Ouija”

Conclusion for Ask The Spirits 2 – Don’t Mess With The Dead game

If you like those spooky and scary boards that you can use to talk with the dead and evil spirits than this is the game for you! Try any question  and see what the spirits will answer to you.

Play with your friends because it much bigger fun in that way but be careful because this is not just ordinary board! Show that you are not afraid of terror, fear, darkness and evil spirits by playing this unblocked horror game! good luck and have fun!

Menu for inserting your informations
Menu to put your info or to send the game to the friend