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Freddy Fazbear

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About the Freddy Fazbear Game

This shooting FNAF online game is first game in which you will be able to shoot other animatronics. Now the story in this game goes that Freddy the Fazbear made an army of zombie bears. That are following him as their leader. Releasing them into to city to kill and eat other people all around! And your task is to stop them! This online horror shooting game is like a fifth part of Five Night’s At Freddy’s. It’s a shooter game in which you need to stop dead zombie bears. That will come at you from all sides.If you are a fan of Five night’s At Freddy’s games. Then you will love this unblocked shooting-horror game. Because now in this game you will get a chance to kill animatronics yourself with a lot of different weapons that you will find in the game.

First level in the Freddy Fazbear shooting game
Dod’s son with pistoles aiming the evil bloodthirsty bears that surrounded him from each side and four type of weapons on the roof that you can use

How to Play Freddy Fazbear Game

First you can choose a difficulty level, you can choose: Civilian easy, Deputy medium or Sherrif hard. Freddy Fazbear game is played with W,A,S,D with which you can move your character, jump and duck. Press E to toggle weapons and use mouse to aim and shoot at the Freddy Bears. You can also use arrow keys for movement if you want. The story and the beginning of the game goes like this, your dad is attacked by evil zombie bears that Freddy released on the town, your dad needs help and only you can save him by killing this animatronic evil bears that are terrorising the city and killing the people. You can pick u p and use all kind of awesome weapons like: missiles, bazooka, machine gun, shotgun, rifle, pistol, grenade, uzi and much more.

You can also collect all kind of boosters that will help you during the game. Collect coins with which yu can upgrade your character to be stronger and more powerful against these evil bears. when you kill a certain number of enemies you will move to the next level. Avoid enemy hits and collect medical supplies in the shape of a pill that will restore your health bar. While shooting down at the enemies while jumping you will get extra boost. Every next level will be harder and there will be new enemies like crazy animatronic rabbits with sharp teeth.

Freddy Fazbear controls menu
Freddy Fazbear controls for your character, how to play, move him and how to aim and shoot.

Final Words For Freddy Fazbear Game

Freddy Fazbear Game is one of the most popular FNAF shooting games in which you have a chance to kill these evil bloodthirsty robots using a lot of firearms that you will have on your disposal. A lot of new weapons will be unlock for you during a game so you can find the one that suits best for you. After you beat the game you can play it again by making it harder for you by choosing other difficulty level. Fantastic effects, great graphics, awesome characters and plenty of things that you can do in this horror-shooting game that will delight you! Good luck and have fun beating this game and saving your dad from evil Freddy Fazbear!

Freddy Fazbear killing the bear
Shooting and killing the evil purple bear with postoles