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Sister Location Night 3

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Sister Location Night 3 – How To Play

Full Sister Location Night 3 is now available to you to play it right here on our site! What is important for you to know is not to press any other button expect W,S and Space. While playing this Night 3 FNAF Sister Location online game. You will also stay in the elevator longer than usual so be patient. When you arrive to your floor you will need to press the elevator button in order to open the door. After that you need to hold button W in order to go through the vents to the other room. You will find yourself in a elevator. Like before but this time you will get different information. Coming from the voice that you heard in the beginning of this horror-survival FNAF game.

Sister location night 3 freddy
Animatronic creature Freddy waiting for you in a dark and spooky room.

FNAF: Sister Location Night 3

As you already predicted these animatronics in night 3 are not ordinary animatronics. You will discover that early during the game. You will get a various of different missions that you need to complete. For 5 scary and deadly nights that you need to survive. In the 3-th night you will discover a secret level that will bring you all the way back to the first FNAF game. Prove that you have what it takes to survive this Night 3 in sister Location. And prepare yourself for the Night 4 that we gonna upload soon for you to play it. On our site online without any registration or installation.

Sister location night 3 cameras
Cameras and rooms in the Night 3

Night 3 And How To Survive It

Voice that you will hear in the beginning of the game will introduce you with this game. He will explain you controls, how to walk, open and close doors, how to go through the vents and much more. Follow his instructions in order to learn the basics of this horror FNAF online game. In this point-click, horror-survival Sister Location Night 3 game, you will face terror, fear and secrets that you need to discover. Fnaf Sister Location has been set in Circus Baby’s Pizza World and you are beginning as a new guy that is employed there. This circus is owned by the Afton Robotics and they are building animatronics for kids. Your job there will be to watch for those animatronics over the night. You will work the night shifts. But your job will not only be to watch them, you will need to charge them so they can work during the day.

FNAFSL Game Features:

  • New animatronics
  • Free walking
  • Mini games
  • Secret level
  • Different endings

Sister location night 3 animatronics
FNAF sister Location Night 3 Animatronics

FNAFSL Instructions:

  • W-Forward
  • S-Backward
  • Use mouse button to open doors and to interact