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Clown Horror Nights

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3.4/5 - (7 votes)

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About the Clown Nights game

Clown Night’s game is the game made by the creators of Five Nights At Freddy’s. The rules of this game are pretty much the same like in the original games. In this point-click horror game with a lot of jump-scares. Your job is to secure the circus at night and in this clown horror game you need to survive for 7 nights. Instead of 5 like in FNAF games.
Clown nights is also a survival-action horror game in which you need to survive 7 scary nights. By watching and monitoring the cameras in the circus. During the game and watching the cameras you will notice that scary clown is on the loose with his friends.
You will need to stop them before they enter your room from which you are securing the place. And monitoring the cameras because if they jump scare you, that will be game over for you.
Every next night will be harder to survive, more intense, with more terror and horror around you. Remember this circus is not ordinary circus. Creepy creatures and animatronics are on their way to find you and kill you! If you are a fan of scary games, horror games, spooky games, games with a jump scares. Then this is the right choice of a game for you!

Clown nights newspapers job in the circus
Job opportunity in the newspapers where they are searching for the night shift security guy in the circus.

How To Play Clown Nights game

Reading a newspapers in order to find a job for yourself. You will notice that a security worker in nights shifts are needed in the circus. you are taking this job not knowing how risky and dangerous it really is. Your main goal is to survive for 7 nights in this circus which means that you will need to watch 9 cameras. Each camera is pointing to the different room and place and you need to watch if something is moving. And it will, a crazy clown will make his move when you are not expecting it. Because of that you need to watch those cameras often. In the same time you need to pay attention on your power supply. Because if your battery runs out you will not be able to open and close doors. Which means clown and other creepy creatures will enter you room and eat you alive! When you notice that clown is close to you, turn on the lights for couple of seconds and then turn it off.

Clown Nights And How to Survive them

Close the door when clown is near your room. Red button is close and the blue one is to open the door. On your left side you will see how much battery you have, use it wisely. Camera 6 and 7 is connected to your room. That means if you see clowns in that room over the camera. You need to close the door fast and wait until they leave. If you make just one mistake, be ready for a terrifying jump-scares that will made your blood freeze. And your adrenalin rise! Prove how good you are in this online action-horror game. Survive for 7 nights avoiding scary clowns from your room!

Clown nights 7 night survival
7 nights that you need to survive in order to beat this Clown Night’s game

Final Words For Clown Nights game

If you love FNAF games you wil lalso love this online survival game. There is a lot of new jumpscares, new effects and graphic is awesome. There is something in clowns that makes them really creepy. I think that was the reason that creators choose to make them the new creators or animatronics if you want. Are you ready for a lot of jump-scares, are you ready for fear and terror? If you are then don’t lose your time and test how brave you are by working 7 night shifts in the circus!

This game you can play from any place and anytime. Because this is unblocked Clown Night game that you can play here, online and for free! On our site you can also play FNAF original games and the new one “Sister Location” that you can play online now! Test your observation skills, watch the spooky clowns, check every room. Check the lights, save the energy and use it wisely and survive this online clown horror game!

Clown night game creepy clown on the camera
Creepy clown on the camera coming closer to the security room.