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Fnaf Sister Location Custom Night

4.4 (87.69%) 65 votes

About The Fnaf Sister Location Custom Night

Sister Location – Custom Night is coming soon and you will be able to play it right here on our FNAF site! We also find out that Custom Night will be released as a patch or as an update for the game. New story is that Custom Night will not be connected to the sister Location story. Which put us in curious state, how will story develop. Which animatronics will be there, even some new animatronics? Stay with us and you will find out. It was on Oct 7 when sister Location was out and just one month after you will be able to play DLC, Custom Night. Right here without any installation or registration.


Custom night animatronics
Customization of Bon-Bon and Freddy in Custom Night DLC


  • New Episode
  • Better Story
  • Scarier Animatronics
  • New Secrets
  • Spooky Voices
  • New Lore
  • Darker Nights
  • Exciting Modes (20/20/20/20/20)


fnaf custom night animatronics changing
Customization of three new animatronics from Sister Location


How To Play Sister Location – Custom Night

If you searched the internet then you probably discover The Teaser Photo. Showing animatronics Bonnie and Bidybab. From this viewpoint, FNAF fans must expect more of the characters on Custom Night. Which is very likely to happen. According to predictions, a different gameplay dynamics can be expected from this DLC. Which makes it just more interesting for FNAF fans.

Custom Night might have a free room at Circus Baby’s Pizza World. At the said empty room, there could possibly be a spring trap suit that could spring off players. Another speculation pointed out that Custom Night might be a new option in Custom Menu. For setting personal preferences, including the difficulty level and A.I level. But time will tell when they release the update for Sister Location.


sister location custom night dlc robotic animatronics
Female Clown Animatronic with two robotic creatures


Custom Night Story

Let’s talk about possible story that can develop in DLC Custom Night. Custom Night is expected to have a different story. That will still be intertwined with Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location.

If you played sister Location you can noticed at the pizza parlor that there are a lot of monitors. Rooms that remained unused and unexplored. They will most likely be used in the upcoming downloadable content. We are quite sure that custom Night will bring new surprises to FNAF fans. Including new story, new animatronics, new jumpscares and much more! Also we never seen that moment when Bon-Bon and BidyBab are crawling inside a vent. That is great possibility that we gonna see in Custom Night update.


sister location custom night animatronics
FNAF Sister Location:Custom Night


Conclusion for Sister Location – Custom Night

We can just say that this will be BIG patch for the FNAF: Sister Location and it’s gonna bring a whole new story! Stay tuned because our site will be the first one with Custom Night game. Available for you to play it online right here and it’s gonna be Custom Night Unblocked game. Which means that you can play it from both school or work!


sister location custom night twins animatronics
Twins animatronics from Custom night DLC