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Sister Location Night 2



About The Sister Location Night 2

Sister Location Night 2 is the first of many other nights to come. Stay on our site and visit it from time to time to find out about other Sister Location nights We gonna upload for you to play it free online. While waiting for other nights, try to survive this Night 2. In this horror-survival FNAF Sister Location game. In order to start the game you first need to enter the code down below, THE CODE IS 1983.
When you enter the code the game will start. Like in all FNAF games, in this one your task will be to survive the night. Avoiding being jump scared by animatronics that will try to reach your room. You can also use voices of animatronics by using Spacebar. In that way you can chase animatronics that are close by. You can enjoy listening all kind of different animatronic voices. As always, avoid getting caught by robotic animatronics that will try to reach you and kill you on the spot. Always keep your eyes open and check both sides of your room from time to time.

Sister location night 2 animatronic room
Control room with camera and 3 systems

How To Survive Sister Location Night 2

Listen the voice that you will hear in the beginning of the game and follow their instruction. Press Space at any time in order to play mascot response audio. Use your mouse to look around and S to go back. Use W to go forward and if you want to restart the game, click on the green flag on the top right of your screen. You can open the camera system by clicking on it with your mouse down below. In order to restart the system you need to click on it using your mouse and hold it until the system is online.
There you can put the system online, that is very important in order to survive the night. Your main task is to restart Circus Control. Funtime A and Circus Gallery before animatronic catches you. If you manage to do that, you will survive the Night 2 in this FNAF Sister Location game. This point-click horror game will make your blood boil from the fear that you gonna feel if animatronics catches you. So do your best and show your survival skills in this FNAF Sister Location Night 2 game and survive!

Sister location night 2 camera system
Map of the rooms where you need to restart the system in order to survive the night 2

Final Words for FNAF: Sister Location Night 2

As other FNAF games this will also surprise you with a lot of new features. Like new jump scares from different animatronics. You will be able to move across the room, back and forward and so on. We gonna upload each night from the original online Sister Location game right here. On our site, where you can play it for free from the start to the end. And don’t forget that you need to type the code in order to activate this FNAF game. By typing the CODE 1983 in the box down below. Play for free complete and full Sister Location Night 2 online and wait for the other nights that will come soon! Good luck and have fun surviving this online horror-survival FNAF game! Restart the system in three rooms in order to survive and beat this Sister Location Night 2.


With each night you will need to complete different tasks in order to survive the night. FNAF Sister Location Night 2 is the first part of the Sister Location game, we gonna upload Sister Location nights 3,4,5 and 6 in the near future. Each next Sister Locatio Night will also bring new story, new animatronics, new rooms and new task that you need to complete in order to beat the game.

Sister location night 2 animatronic jump scare
FNAF: Sister Location Night 2 Jump Scare

Sister Location Night 2 Controls:

  • Use mouse to look around.
  • S-Go Back.
  • W-Forward.
  • Hold The Mouse Button to restart the system.