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Freddy Fazbears Pizza 3

4.6 (92%) 15 votes

About The Freddy Fazbears Pizza 3 Game

Freddy Fazbears Pizza is a fan made game. It’s also point-click horror game where you need to survive certain amount of days in order to win. Graphic, animatronics and the rules of this online Freddy Pizza 3 game is same as in the original FNAF games. Concept of the game is same as well. You need to survive the nights by avoiding being jumpscared by animatronic creature. they will try to come to your room. you have several way on how you can prevent animatronics from killing you. Survive, that is your main goal. Discover the story behind Fazbears place. Find all animatronics. Find them before they find you. Some of the animatronics that you will see in this Freddy Fazbears Pizza 3 are. Funtime Foxy, Freddy Bear, Bonnie and Chica.

Freddy fazbears pizza 3 security room
(Freddy Fazbears Pizza 3 work place with doors, rooms and cameras)

How To Play Freddy Fazbears Pizza 3

You are employer of Freddy the Fazbears Pizza place. You are working as a security guy and your job there is to guard the place. Your shift during each night is 6 hours. Survive until 6AM. When you start your first night working as a security guard. You will notice some buttons and arrows around your screen. By moving your mouse on the far left and far right side of your screen you will notice the button with the name “Light” on it.

Pressing that button will turn on the light next to the door in your left or right side. That light will scare any animatronic that is close to those doors. If you don’t prevent animatronic from coming inside your room, they will jump in front of your scream. And they will scream and eat you alive! That you need to avoid if you want to survive the night in this Pizza place. Turning the lights on will consume your battery power. You need to pay attention on that. Because if you lose all your battery power you will not be able to turn the lights back on. thats why you need to turn the lights only when it necessary.

chicka in the vent
(Chicka animatronic coming from the vent)

Battery Power, Doors And Cameras

In that way you will save your battery power. With each next night your battery power will be replenished. You can see your battery power in the top-left side of your screen. On the top-right side of your screen you will see what time it is. Arrow that is pointing down in the bottom of your screen is your Bear Mask. To put the mask on your head all that you need to do is to approach there with your mouse. Bear mask you are putting on your face only when some of animatronics manage to reach your room. They will think that you are one of them and they will not attack you. The arrow on your right side is controlling the cameras. From there you can look at any room in order to spot any animatronics movements.

Conclusion For Five Nights At Fred Bear’s

Five Night’s At Fred Bear’s is well made game. You can play Freddy Fazbears Pizza 3 online. It’s free and safe to play right here. Along the side on our site you can try many different FNAF games. Like Freddy Sister Location and the newest one Baby’s Nightmare Circus game. Play those and a lot more FNAF games right here and prove how good you are in surviving and point click games.