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FNAF World

4.7 (94.55%) 11 votes

About the FNAF World Game

Welcome to the World of Five Nights At Freddy’s! FNAF World game is an RPG game in which you can choose all characters. And animatronic from the popular Five Night At Freddy’s games. You can choose. Freddy Fazbear • Bonnie • Chica • Foxy • Golden Freddy • Toy Freddy • Toy Bonnie • Toy Chica • Mangle • BB • The Puppet. • Springtrap • Baby • Funtime Freddy • Funtime Foxy • Ballora Humans Mike Schmidt. • Phone Guy • Jeremy Fitzgerald • Fritz Smith • and many more of these robotic creatures! In this free online game all animatronic. And robotic creatures lives in Animatronic Village. And something is wrong there, some creatures are lurking around the village. Those creatures look like the animatronics. Discover what went wrong and try to save your village! During the game and fights with other creatures, animatronics and robots. You will unlock new characters that you will be able to use in the game.

FNAF World first level of the game
FNAF World first level in the game with enemies around you and door that you need to open.

Instructions And How To play FNAF World Video Game

You play this FNAF RPG game using W,A,S,D to move your character around the map. Use your mouse to click on things. This flash horror game is made in a way that each time you come close to some creature. Fight will start and each fighter will have their own turn. On which they need to pick what kind of attack they want to perform. That rule goes for you as well. When you attack other creatures or animatronics you will get three options.

Each options delivers a special attack to your opponent. Choose smart your every move, defend yourself and defeat your opponent. That is your main task in this game. Save your village and defeat those creatures that are lurking around. Pay attention on the level of animatronics. Love towards you will only increase by 5% or 10%. But the level of your energy will, consequently, decrease by 10% or 25%. During the game you will unlock a lot of new attacks. Special attacks and so on. That you can use on opponents that are hard to beat. Get ready for awesome challenges, weapons, battles. All kind of different animatronics, maps, places, enemies and wonderful story that this game brings!

FNAF moments of fight in the game
FNAF fight between you and enemy animatronics.

Final Words For FNAF World Online Game

Five Night’s At Freddy’s World online game is an RPG game. If you are a fan of online RPG games in which you can fight against your opponent every turn then you are at the right place. On the start you will have the basic attacks. Those you can use on your enemy like. A flying microphone, pizza, noisy party, hot cheese, biscuits and so on. If you love to compete, to fight, to make a strategy then this is the game for you. Start this adventure today and enjoy playing this unblocked FNAF World online game! Its completely free and safe for you to play 24/7! Have fun!

FNAF characters in the game menu
FNAF all characters that you can unlock in the game.