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Fnaf Night 5

3.4/5 - (37 votes)

About The Five Night At Freddy’s: Sister Location Night 5 Ending

This is the final night of FNAF Sister Location game and here is where horror is ending and new horror begins! On the bottom of your screen you can see a button where you can open the monitoring cameras. From which you can inspect the rooms in the game where animatronics will hide. There is 7 rooms that you need to watch over, if you see any of animatronic creatures coming close to you. You need to close and to open the doors on your left and on your right side before aniamtronics reach your room. If they reach your security room they will kill you in a second.
Be careful because jumpscares will be terrifying! Survive the last night of Sister Location game, prove that you have what it takes to survive this point-click, horror-survival game! Find out how the story ends. Buttons that you need to press in order to open the doors are right next to the door. The buttons are in red color and when you press them using your mouse they will close and they will be in the green color.

Fnaf SL Night 5

As in the previous FNAF SL games you will need to survive in order to win the game. You need to beat the animatronic creatures that will do everything to reach you and to kill you on spot! Don’t relax during the game, watch the cameras, inspect everything and keep your eyes open because evil is closer than you think! Animatronics that will be in this Night 5 are Circus Baby, Exotic Butters, Ennard and Ballora. There will be also Mini games like in the previous SL nights.

Sister location night 5 ending
Sister Location final night and ending

FNAF: Sister Location Review

This was awesome horror adventure and on our site you can play FNAF Sister Location game. And all other parts Of Five Nights At Freddy’s game completely free and online without ant installation or registration. More FNAF games are coming in the future. We will upload them on our site so you can continue with this fantastic FNAF horror games. You can also play Sister Location games in parts. Each night is uploaded, also you can play many other horror games and try your luck. In order to survive night 5 you will need to listen carefully because you will not be able to see anything! For the first time in one FNAF game you animatronics will look like a robot clowns, you will notice how all of them have the appearance of wearing facepaint.

They are also more advanced than previous animatronics. These ones will be able to move their mouth, brows and cheeks which makes them much scarier. When it comes to paranoia and jump scare you will discover two different things. In this scary survival game and that are two different narrators. Telling you contradictory things which makes Sister Location even scarier to play. When comparing to older FNAF games. Now the story is ending. You will have a hard time discovering Sister Location’s place in the overall lore. It will sound weird and sick but that is something to expect from FNAF game. You will also find out about dead co-workers and stories about animatronic. Living inside of another animatronic and everything else in this final episode of FNAF SL online horror game!

Sister Location Night 5 controls:
Use mouse to open and close doors and to navigate through monitoring cameras.