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Fnaf Love

About The FNAF Love Game

You are playing a character that gets a new job as a night security guard at pizza place. He is so happy and eager to work at this place and to keep it save for five nights. Your job as a security guard is to clean this pizza place for time to time and to watch on the cameras that are in different rooms, you need to see if something unusual happens. This online FNAF Love begins exactly as the horror game “Five Nights At freddy’s” but only difference here is that when you bump into animatronic creature, they will not attack you, kill you or eat you alive, they will start a conversation with you, this is a FNAF Love Game in which your task is to seduce female animatronics!

Five Nights Of Love and seducing the female animatronic
FNAF Love getting into conversation with female animatronic and options that you can choose to seduce her.

The Rules Of The FNAF Love Game And How To Play

Type your name in the empty box and you can start working! You play this game using a mouse. It’s a point click game like in the original FNAF game. When you interact with the female animatronic you will get two or more options. You need to choose one of them. For example you can choose to give a gift to a cute female animatronic. Or you can talk to them. Each of this actions will give you a certain number of percentage. That you can see on the top left corner of your screen. There is a heart and when you hit 100% then you will seduce a girl animatronic in a successful way. But be careful, some action can cost you losing a certain number of percentage. You can buy a female robotic animatronic a gift from the money you collect by cleaning the floors. Each time you clean you will find a money. That some customer lose that day while buying a pizza.

Fnaf Love

Charm your girl, prove how skilled lover you are and how good on words you are. Choose your answers carefully and give your best. In order to seduce this beautiful animatronic girl and the love will be born! Don’t forget, your main task is to seduce a female animatronic for 5 nights. You need to hit 100 percent with your heart on the top left corner. In order to win in this love game! You can buy her a lot of different gifts like  Bandaid, Pizza, Flower and so on. Some animatronics will not like to talk with you. With them you need to be extra careful. Also you need to pay attention on your power on the top right corner of your screen. If you lose your energy and you can lose energy for each action you do. Like going from one camera place to another, charming a girl, talking with other animatronics and so on. In order to refill your power you need to end the night and to continue where you left.

Five nights Of Love cameras room
Cameras room where you can control over six cameras and your office.

Conclusion For The FNAF Love Game

This fan made FNAF game is really original because the core of the original game is the same, cameras are there, rooms, animatronics, story is almost the same but the plot in the game is completely different, instead of jump scares, blood, killing and other dark things in this game everything is about the love! Put yourself on the test in this unblocked FNAF Love game that you can play anytime and from any place, prove how good lover you are, seduce female animatronics and fill your heart before the fifth night ends! Good luck and have fun in this Five Nights Of Love Game!

Five Nights Of Love and three animatronic being in love
Three animatronics felling in love with you.