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Fnaf 7

4.4 (88.75%) 80 votes

About FNAF 7 Game

Get ready because In this exciting conclusion to the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. Most of the terrifyingly creepy animatronics come back to haunt you. Once more, but, with a special guest. You just got a job at Freddy’s Zoolax Inc place! In this Five Nights At Freddy’s 7 game you will work at this Zoolax Inc place. You will work as a night guard. You will do night shifts and you need to survive those 5 nights by avoiding animatronics. This unblocked Fnaf Part 7 game is a challenging and scary game. Map will be dark, meaning that you will see just a couple of steps in front of you and the rest will be cover with darkness.

FNAF 7, Freddy 7
FNAF 7, Freddy the main character from the game is coming back and he is angry and thirsty for blood!

You will not know what is in front of you meaning that you need to be extra careful while walking and opening the doors. On your left and your right side because animatronics can come from different places. Fnaf 7 is like original Five Nights At Freddys game. Except that in this game you will have to watch a lot of cameras. You will also have mini puzzle that you need to solve on time every now and then.

How To Play FNAF 7 Online

When you start the game you will find yourself inside main room. That is your workplace and you are night shift guar. Your job is to control cameras and to prevent robotic creatures from reaching your room. You can do that in many different ways, one of them is to control fountain that is in the middle of the room. You can control the door that is in front of you buy turning the lights on and off. That will prevent animatronics to come inside from that way. Next is mini puzzle that will switch itself from time to time. When that happens you will need to react quickly and to restore the picture in its previous state. You can also hide underneath the desk if you see some of animatronics on the camera reaching your room. All those action will take the energy from energy bar that will be on your left side. Use the energy wisely.

Fnaf 7 you can play online right here on our site, as well as other fnaf games including Sister Location and Fnaf 6. Before going into action avoiding animatronics you can choose your character. You can choose many of them. Some you will be able to unlock. You can also change the color of your hair by your taste.

Fnaf 7 Custom Night

You can buy different shapes of eyes and clothes that you can also change color. Create the character by your taste. Also you can choose female character and change her hair style, dresses and eyes. The rule of this unblocked online fnaf 7 game is to kill animatronics. They will be all around you in different rooms

To escape from animatronics you need to watch the cameras. That will not be so easy because you will need to pay attention on several cameras. While in the same time opening and closing the doors and the vents. You can collect all kind of various boosters. They can give you better chance to avoid animatronics. You can choose difficulty level on the beginning.

FNAF 7 Rules Of The Game And Story

The rules of the game are simple. On the right side of your screen you will see an icon of watch. When you press on it using your mouse, new tab will open on your screen. From there you will be able to watch the cameras and in that way to follow each move of every animatronic.

From the items you earn you can also improve and upgrade your character. You can rise the health bar meaning that you will not die from one jumpscare any more. You can upgrade your fear scale so you can take more damage from animatronics. Upgrading shoes you will become much faster. Which is important when you are running away from them. Upgrading your Stun gun will give you a new weapon. With it you can stun animatronics for couple of seconds.

Flame Tower is an upgrade that you can place on the map. If animatronic come to close to the Flame Tower, tower will burn them. And the final weapon that you can buy and upgrade are mines that you can place. When animatronic step on it, it will do a lot of damage to them or even kill them. In each night you will get different mission that you need to complete to move to the next level.

Five Nights At Freddy’s 7 Review

Try to survive 5 nights by using cameras, lighting the corridor and hiding under the desk if needed. Fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s will enjoy.

Prove how good you are in this online Five Nights At Freddy’s online game. Watch over animatronics. Destroy boxes, reach the exit and survive five nights at Zoolax Inc place.
This is challenging game meaning that you need to give your best. Walk carefully, to avoid animatronics and to collect boosters on your way.