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Five Nights at Candy’s

4.1 (82%) 20 votes

About The Five Nights at Candy’s Game

Five Nights at Candy’s comes from creators of Five nights at Freddy’s 1,2,3 and 4. This is also a action-survival-adventure game in which your job is the same. To watch the cameras from your security room. In this scary FNAF game you are not working at pizza place like in previous parts. Now you are working at Burger and Fries food place. You will watch over 12 cameras which means 12 rooms. FNAC is really spooky online game that brings fear and terror with itself. Be prepared for some scary jump-scares if you make a mistake! On our site you can play all FNAF online games for free. And from any place because this Five Nights at Candy’s is unblocked free to play game. You can also play with your friends together. And compete on who can survive the most nights. Before animatronic enter your security room and scare you to the death!

Five nights at Candy's job offering in the newspapers
Help needed at Candy’s Burger and Fries as a guard at for night shifts watching over facility, it’s safety, equipment and animatronic characters.

How To Play FNAC Game

FNAC are played using only your mouse and Spacebar you will use for turning the lights on and off. Your task is to watch up to 12 cameras. From which camera 4 and camera 6 is connected to your room. If you see animatronics in those rooms you need to close that door really fast. Or they will go in and kill you on spot with a jump-scare! Also don’t forget that your cameras have night vision. That you will have to use because in those room it’s complete dark.

Also pay attention on your battery power. You don’t want to lose all of battery power before your shift at Burger and Fries ends. Because in that case you will be killed by Candy. The boss of all animatronics! You will also notice on your screen 3 little “mini batteries” above the Power Meter. Thry are for each of the 3 doors in your office. When door is closed, the mini-power-meter of that door will start to fill up. Your main goal is to survive 5 nights at this Burger and Fries place. So give your best and prepare for horror and creepy jump-scares. You will meet new animatronic by the name Candy and she is looking like a robotic cat.

Five nights at candy's scary cat animatronic at the camera
Animatronic looking like a robotic cat on the camera monitor from the bathroom.

Conclusion for Five Nights at Candy’s Game

FNAC is one of the most popular and most scary FNAF game. In which your task is similar like in the older FNAF games. But now with new animatronics, new working place, new features. More cameras and more jump-scares if you make a mistake! For all of those who are searching for the action-horror game. Point-click game or survival game then Five Nights at Candy’s is the perfect choice of online game. You can play it here on our site. Completely free without any registration or installation. Good luck and have fun playing this unblocked FNAF Candy game! Play latest and most popular FNAF horror games on our site ! Five Nights at Candy’s 2 is almost ready for production.

Animatronic wearing a creepy mask in FNAC
Animatronic creature wearing a spooky mask over it’s head.