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Baby’s Nightmare Circus

4.4 (88.73%) 55 votes

About The Baby’s Nightmare Circus

Baby’s Nightmare Circus is a fan made game. It is very similar to original franchise, Five Nights At Freddy’s. What we know so far, the place where you gonna start this FNAF Baby’s Nightmare Circus online game is at the Circus. You will find yourself around the tents. You will be able to go inside those Circus tents and what will you discover inside will blow your mind. Inside of some of the tents you will find endoskeletons, animatronic suits.

And various mechanical parts that belong to animatronics. What is also interesting is that those endoskeletons are like nothing you saw before.. That can mean that we will see new animatronics in this online Baby’s Nightmare Circus game. In this unblocked Baby’s Nightmare Circus game you will be able to free-roam. Meaning that you can walk free around the map. You will be able to explore various circus tents. And you will be able to find parts of various animatronics from the FNAF franchise.

nightmare baby game
(Nightmare Baby holding a mic in the circus)

How To Play Baby’s Nightmare Circus Game

What we know so far when it comes to the instructions and to the rules of the game is next.
This time, you’ve gotten lost in your mind. You’re trapped, unable to wake and remember. Best guess is to defend yourself in your dreadful sleep. Use your flashlight to ward off unwanted creatures. Venture to tents to explore. Find a way out! Are we inside of a dream? Why do we need to wake up? Play this game and you will find out everything.

On the top right corner of your screen you will see time.

In Baby’s Nightmare Circus you will also need to survive until the certain amount of time. The battery power will be on the bottom-right corner of your screen. On the bottom of your screen you will see 3 arrow pointing down. Those arrow will give you different information. One of them will be the map of the Circus where you will be able to see where are you and where you need to go. Other arrow will be a camera system. This is custom night for babys nightmare circus. Made by Mixlas this is also going to be a mod for babys nightmare circus.

Baby’s Nightmare Circus: Circus And Tents

Rewind station is one of many places that you will find in the Circus. There you will need to rewind certain items. Room will be filled with balloons, presents, boxes. There will also be a mask Ennard which means that he is in some way connected to that place. Rewinding can be dangerous because you can be jumpscared by some of animatronics. You will also play mini games where you need to use the flashlight towards the door in front of you. To scare animatronics that will try to jump in. There will also be a timer on your screen for that mini game. Baby’s Nightmare Circus is a fan-game. It’s based on the popular franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s. Which was made by Scott Cawthon. (As if this wasn’t obvious enough.)

Purple freddy game
(Purple Freddy mini game with a flashlight in front of the tent)

Baby’s Nightmare Circus – Animatronics

You will see Nightmare Ballora animatronic in Baby’s Nightmare Circus. She will look worn and torn on the stage dancing. Be careful , her teeth are sharp and ready to bite! She is still blind but she can still feel you. You will find various dolls of animatronics around the Circus. Collecting them will open you another door and a secret story. Nightmare Baby is the next animatronic character that you will see in this free to play Baby’s Nightmare Circus game. She is looking freaky and scary. Her teeth sharp and ready to eat you alive! Jumpscares will be present in this game as well. Next Character in this game will be Nightmare Freddy. As other he will look scary and very dangerous. Nightmare Funtime Foxy is joining the game as well, lurking from the shadows.

Babys Nightmare Circus Animatronics
(All Animatronics from the Babys Nightmare Circus game)

Baby’s Nightmare Circus Walkthrough Gameplay

This game will definitely blow mind to all FNAF fans around the world. Game looks beautiful. Graphic is on spot. Sound effects are spooky. and Circus as a new place in this game is great choice for the new game. There is also a free-roam and a lot of mini games and items that you can find and collect for different purpose. You can play Baby’s Nightmare Circus online for free right here on our site. Baby’s Nightmare Circus is a fangame made by Mixlas.

The game is, quite obviously, based off, mainly the fourth and fifth Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Being a combo of the two; taking the fifth game’s theme and characters. Putting them into the environment and style of the fourth game. In this game, you play as an anonymous developer. Stuck in his own mind, fending off Nightmare versions of the Funtime animatronics. Traversing through tent through tent to keep them at bay. The game was released on October 24th, 2017.

Fnaf Sister Baby Location will bring a lo of things in this game. Stay tuned for more Baby fnaf games.

How to play
W – To walk/crawl forward.
W + Space – To sprint/crawl faster.
A – To move left (When in Funtime Auditorium on night 5).
D – To move right (When in Funtime Auditorium on night 5).
F – To flash beacon (When in Funtime Auditorium).
Space – To eat popcorn (TV Show only).
A+D – To wiggle (Night 4).
R – Reset Night (Title Screen only).