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Five Nights At Shanetels

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Before the presentation of this Five Nights At Shanetels game. Please know that if you notice white screen on your screen, that means that the game is still loading. So give it some time and it will be ready for you to play.

About The Five Nights At Shanetels

In this FNAF horror game your task will be similar like in the original Five Nights At Freddys games. Your main task is to survive the nights at Shanetels. You are inside of a dark building where you are working as a security guard. On your left and on your right side you will notice doors and red and white buttons. Pushing the red buttons you will be able to open and close the doors. If you push white button you will be able to turn the lights off and on.

You as a player also need to pay attention on your battery life. If you are using the power for doors and light too often. You will lose the energy in the battery much faster. When that happens, you will be jumpscared by the animatronics that will eat you alive. It will be game over for you so be careful with the power in your battery, use it wise. You need to survive each night until 6 AM.

Camera room
The cameras that are placed in 11 rooms across the building that you need to monitor

Doros And Lights

On the bottom left of your screen you will be able to see how much power is left in your battery. On the bottom right of your screen you will be able to open your tablet. there you will see all the cameras and rooms where the animatronics are.

As a security guard, to survive and to predict the animatronics that will grab any chance to enter your room. You need to observe those cameras, each one, and to follow the animatronic movements. To close the door on time or to turn on the lights and chase them away from your room.

Rooms, Cameras And Animatronics

There is 12 rooms in the building. You are in one of those and the rest are covered with cameras. That mean that you need to watch for 11 cameras, cameras that you need to pay more attention are Cam 2A, Cam 2B, Cam 4A and Cam 4B. Because those rooms are right next to your room. Which means that if you spot animatronics in one of those rooms. You need to close the doors on your left or on your right side. Depending of where did you saw the animatronics.

The jumpscares in this FNAf game will be more scarier than in other fnaf games. So be careful. For better experience we are suggesting you to use headphones. And to play this click-point survival game, at night.


Pay attention on the radio from time to time and on the voice that is coming out of it. Because you can hear some useful things that can help you to survive those scary nights at Shanetels.

Control room
(Your working desk with all kind of items on the table including the radio that can give you tips)

Use your mouse to point and to click on the areas around the room.